Progressive Profits

John Burley has a new paid televison infomercial and he's selling his course to thousands of people daily.

There's an old marketing tip that says when you see the same ad over and over, it's a sign of success. This is because the company wouldn't continue running that ad unless it contributed to the sale of its products. According to this rule John Burley must be doing extremely well.

I bought John Burley's "Progressive Profits" real estate course because real estate has changed a lot in 20 years. Unfortunately, other than the format changing from video tapes to dvd, nothing else has changed.

The system is a very basic overview of how real estate works. From foreclosures and fix-ups to being a landlord and dealing with tenants. If anything, what this course has done (along with other similar courses) is made the finding of real estate deals very, very competitive.

Also, John Burley's infomercial is very misleading as it makes it appear that almost anyone can qualify to buy a house with "No Money Down", and this is far from the truth. You have to spend hours on end looking for new properties by driving around, contacting owners and real estate agents to find your next deal.

Real Estate ownership is a key ingredient to a healthy income/investment plan. I myself own residential and commercial real estate but I don't recommend this as a starting point for a new person. There are better, smarter ways of making money and building up your cash-flow first. Later, if you care to be a landlord, you can utilize real estate as an investment that will pay you residual income (rent).

After examining and testing hundreds of money-making opportunities and work at home programs, ONLY ONE brought in a paycheck that covered all my monthly expenses. 
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